Poisonous Mushrooms – Watch What You Eat!


Poisonous Mushrooms – Don't Munch Until You Know

Poisonous mushroomsThere are many things out in the wild that are safe to eat. Almost every part of a pussywillow is edible and nutritious. Many parts of the pine tree can be eaten. One thing that you need to be very careful of eating is wild mushrooms. Collecting mushrooms is a popular pastime but the improper identification could lead to deadly consequences. At Nature Skills, there is a great post that is a good overview of poisonous mushrooms. The bottom line for eating mushrooms is: DO NOT EAT A MUSHROOM UNLESS YOU ARE 100% CERTAIN WHAT IT IS.

The toxins found in mushrooms are put into four categories. They can affect things in the central nervous system, gastrointestinal system, or even breaking down things in the cellular level. Mushrooms can even be toxic by simply absorbing toxins in the environment they are growing in.

So if you want to collect some delicious wild mushrooms, be sure you know beyond doubt that it is safe to eat.

Have you ever gone mushroom hunting? What are your tried and true techniques for mushroom identification? Share your ideas with us!


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