Growing Potatoes – 100 pounds in 4 Square Feet


Growing Potatoes – So Much in So Little Space!

Growing PotatoesPotatoes are one of the staples of American food. Whether baked, fried, mashed or roasted, they are one of the most versatile and tasty tubers around. I found a nifty planting method that will allow you to yield 100 pounds of potatoes in just four square feet of space. You heard me, just a four by four space can give you 100 pounds of potatoes! All you need to do is to build a potato box and at the end of the growing season, you will have 100 pound of potatoes. Growing potatoes has never taken up so little space.

The trick is to build four foot square box out of 2″x6″ boards. Fill the box with nutrient rich soil and seed potatoes. When the plants grow to about 12 inches above the soil, add more soil and another level of boards. Continue doing this until you have six boards. By the end of the season your plants will have many potatoes for harvesting. The beauty of this method is that you don't have to wait until the end of the season to have potatoes. To harvest some potatoes throughout the season, just start from the bottom level and unscrew a board and take the potatoes from the bottom-most level. When you have the potatoes you want, replace the soil and reattach the board. You can continue to do this whenever you need, just go to the next level. Pretty cool, huh?

When growing potatoes, there are some basics that you need to remember. First, be sure that your sections of potatoes that you use for seed have at least two eyes. Let the pieces air dry before planting. When you are ready to plant the potatoes, plant the potatoes pieces with the sprout facing upwards.

Keep the soil moist but avoid overwatering. Let the soil dry out before watering but be sure to water regularly to avoid knobby, weird looking potatoes.

At the end of the growing season, you will have 100 pounds of potatoes to enjoy. Store the potatoes in a cool dark place either in a paper bag or a basket. I have noticed that potatoes keep better if the dirt isn't brushed away from them.

How about you? What methods have you used to grow potatoes that are successful? What do you like to do with the spuds when they are harvested? Share your knowledge with us!


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