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Burn Relief

“Don't touch that, it's hot!” is a phrase that has been uttered many times in many different languages. Minor burns unfortunately are a part of life and everyone at one time or another will have to deal with them. If the burn isn't serious, there are many methods you can use for burn relief that you can easily do at home.

Growing Up Herbal has a great recipe for burn cream that is completely natural and organic. It just takes six ingredients that are readily available or not hard to find.  Lavender essential oil by itself can offer a quick burn relief  most of the time.  But added with these other ingredients it makes an even more powerful relief agent.

The ingredients list that you will need to make your own burn cream is:
olive oil
dried comfrey leaf
aloe juice
zinc oxide
lavender essential oil

Infuse the herbs over low heat in the olive oil. After the herbs have been infused, add melted beeswax. Once those ingredients are combined, you can whip the aloe juice , zinc oxide and essential oil with it to make a cream. This cream would be good to have around.

But if you don't have any burn cream made, there are other ways to get some burn relief.

Baking soda when mixed with water to form a paste offers almost immediate relief from a burn when applied to the affected area. Leave it on the burn and it will also protect the area from burns.

Chilled vinegar also provides relief by not only cooling the burn but its antiseptic properties help to prevent infection.

Cold milk is said to speed the healing process of burns. Just apply it periodically as the burn heals.

Lavender oil does wonders for skin injuries. Apply a thin layer over the burn and you will be surprised at how quickly it will heal.

Making a mustard paste and applying it to the burn will make the pain stop almost immediately.

All of these remedies are for minor burns. If you have serious burns or if burns cover a large portion of your body, it is important that you seek medical help. But if your burns are minor, then these remedies will help give you some relief and speed healing. And remember, don't touch that, it's hot!

What remedies have you used that have helped relieve a burn? Share your ideas with us!

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One Response to DIY Burn Relief

  1. j m February 17, 2014 at 4:10 pm #

    I have heard that teabags help keep the burn moist and – (used teabags – just not hot or too cold)

    was told to try greek yogurt on a kitchen burn

    when I was little, my Grandmother put me into a lukewarm tub of water with a cup of cider vinegar in it,
    by morning I had a nice tan and the burn didn’t hurt so much

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