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DIY: Make a Keyhole Garden


Ever heard of a keyhole garden? Me neither…until now. The concept is simple & basically an elaborated raised-bed garden. This garden adds a feature that saves transferring & placing compost where its needed. The project is fairly labor intensive so make sure that you & your crew are ready for some PT (physical training) to […]

View More · 2 Herb Seed Bank Deal today through Jan. 30...or while supplies last! Herb Seed Bank Deal today through Jan. 30…or while supplies last!

Share is hosting an amazing deal on a product that we carry, the Herb Seed Bank. You’ll recall that the last deal of Emergency Seedbanks SOLD OUT…these might do the same! Markdown worked out a special deal with the manufacturer of the Herb Seed Bank to give everyone the opportunity to get better prepared at […]

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Featured Post: The Complete Pictorial Guide to Quick Soaking Beans


I came across an awesome article by Angela from It offers a cool tip I never knew…until now! Enjoy! Sometimes when I want a meal with beans I remember the day before and soak my beans overnight.  But sometimes I forget to get the beans soaking and remember in the late morning on the […]

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She Literally Eats Out of Her Gutters…


…rain gutters, of course! Suzanne Forsling has become somewhat of a celebrity for her ingenuity. Her resourcefulness finds a practical application for re-purposing rain gutters. Have a read: I am from Iowa, so I have an inherent need to grow vegetables. Each winter, I dream up ways of trying to garden in Juneau’s environment which, […]

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