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DIY: Make a Keyhole Garden


Ever heard of a keyhole garden? Me neither…until now. The concept is simple & basically an elaborated raised-bed garden. This garden adds a feature that saves transferring & placing compost where its needed. The project is fairly labor intensive so make sure that you & your crew are ready for some PT (physical training) to […]

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Featured Post: Six Enemies of Food Storage


The following post was featured on and you should read it. Gaye writes content that we can all read for new and reviewable information. I recently decided that I should up the ante when it comes to the items in my food storage and holy moly, have you seen the price of beans lately? […]

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Featured Royal Berkey Review: Katie from


Our friend Katie at recently shared her experience with her Royal Berkey Water Purification system in her home. It is always great to see people enjoying clean water with their families. Below are some of the pictures that she featured on that blog post and a small excerpt from it. Click on the images […]

View More · 0 Herb Seed Bank Deal today through Jan. 30...or while supplies last! Herb Seed Bank Deal today through Jan. 30…or while supplies last!

Share is hosting an amazing deal on a product that we carry, the Herb Seed Bank. You’ll recall that the last deal of Emergency Seedbanks SOLD OUT…these might do the same! Markdown worked out a special deal with the manufacturer of the Herb Seed Bank to give everyone the opportunity to get better prepared at […]

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Featured Nurse Amy Post: Garlic As An Antibiotic


The following article was written by Nurse Amy of It’s a great article on garlic. Enjoy!: In a collapse situation, it stands to reason that we may find ourselves without pharmaceutical medications. Pharmaceutical manufacture is a complex process involving a lot of chemicals (just see Dr. Bones articles on how to make Penicillin or the formula […]

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She Literally Eats Out of Her Gutters…


…rain gutters, of course! Suzanne Forsling has become somewhat of a celebrity for her ingenuity. Her resourcefulness finds a practical application for re-purposing rain gutters. Have a read: I am from Iowa, so I have an inherent need to grow vegetables. Each winter, I dream up ways of trying to garden in Juneau’s environment which, […]

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