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Video of Christopher Nyerges’ Survival/EDC Pack


Here’s a great video that makes you laugh & gives us a view into what Christopher carries in his survival kit. Be sure to check out when you can. They’re fun & educational, Enjoy!

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Weaving with Christopher Nyerges from Doomsday Preppers

Earlier this year, Christopher Nyerges was recently featured on National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers. Most of us preppers got a laugh out of the show, especially those of us who know Christopher personally. I personally know that his first priority isn’t the bed of the Los Angeles river, foraging for wild greens with packets of salad […]

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Six Survival Library Essentials Reviewed

Our friends at American Preppers Network have a great thing going with their forums and content they post. The greatest thing is that the APN is made up of good people like you. Check them out when you get a chance. Here’s a partial post by Jim Cobb. One of the first steps I often […]

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What If Nothing Happens?

Yesterday, I spoke with a gentleman in New York who tried to educate me on preparedness. He mentioned so many different concerns, many of which were legitimate and some were just out there. With so much going on in our Nation and throughout the world at large, it’s tough to ignore so much writing on […]

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High Blood Pressure 101 by Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy

Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy wrote an excellent post on blood pressure and we publish part of it here for your review, with their permission of course! One of the most common chronic medical conditions that we will see, in good times or bad, is high blood pressure. Looking back recently at all the articles […]

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The Berkey Guy Interviews Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom

Tuesday, March 13, 2012, The Berkey Guy interviewed Lisa “The Survival Mom” Bedford and discussed, among other things, the new printed release of her book: Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst-Case Scenarios.  In April, the Kindle version of her book will also be available. Have a listen to their […]

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Author Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom on The Berkey Guy Radio Show

Tonight @ 5PM PST, The Berkey Guy will be interviewing Lisa “The Survival Mom” Bedford on his weekly radio show. You can tune in to here it live by clicking HERE or by clicking on the banner below. Among the several things that they will discuss, is HarperOne’s release of the paperback edition of her […]

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Gas Prices Rising…along with the Bulls*** Meter

The price of one gallon of gas is skyrocketing faster than I have seen for a VERY long time. I live in Southern California and have watched the price jump up more than $0.21 in less than 48 hours! Should people be concerned? Absolutely. But here’s what I think is more concerning: “Basics, it’s supply […]

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Hospital Patients Spend Days without Water

It’s hard enough being admitted into the hospital to receive needed medical attention…but imagine being a patient and not being able to bathe or flush the toilet for several days! A news article reports that patients in a South African hospital were without the necessity of water for days. Things were so bad that the […]

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Product Review: Berkey Light

Bobbi from was kind enough to write a review of the Berkey Light system. Here is an excerpt with her permission: Being prepared: Water Being prepared for emergencies is a very important topic to me. Living on the Gulf Coast of Florida we have hurricanes during the summer and fall and they can devastate people’s […]

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