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Screenshot of EWG's interactive map for hexavalent chromium water samples, lower 48 states in USA.

Chromium 6…Are You Drinking It?


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about chromium 6 (AKA hexavalent chromium) being detected in over 75% of 60,000+ samples of drinking water tested nationwide. The tests were required of water utilities throughout the U.S. by the EPA. Samples were taken between 2013 and 2015, with estimates suggesting over 200 million+ Americans […]

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black berkey primer

Introducing: The Black Berkey Primer

You’re going to want this New Black Berkey Primer I have waited over a year to tell all of you about this amazing new device that is NOW available! Many of you have asked us this question, how do I prime my Black Berkey Elements if I do not have water pressure from a faucet? […]

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Breaking News: Select Berkey Water Purification Systems Now Ship to California

Breaking News… We are now shipping the Berkey Water Purification systems listed above to California residents, effective immediately! The Black Berkeys® & PF2 Fluoride & Arsenic Reduction Elements are also now shipping to CA. Be sure to place your order before inventories are back-ordered! Here’s the deal in a nutshell: The manufacturer has determined that […]

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Replenishing Your Water Storage

While frequently helping individuals and families set up their emergency drinking water storage, one of the most repeated tips that surfaces is that their water storage should be routinely rotated or replenished within a six to twelve-month period. For many, this comes as an unwelcomed surprise, as if water should just be able to set […]

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Cleaning the Waters of Information

Recently, I read an article on a blogger’s site that mentioned the Berkey® Water Purification and Seychelle® filtration systems, as well as another filtration system. Some points in that article that need clarification, especially since such generalities as stated in that article are lacking in reason and practicality. It is vital for individuals to offer […]

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Featured Post: “EPA Study: Ground Water Contamination “Consistent With” Fracking”

West Virginia’s The State Journal published a story today that you should read and share with others. You might be familiar with news articles discussing the debate on hydraulic fracturing or “fracking.” Fracking is controversial because of the risk it poses to supplies of water. The issue is really that simple. The trickiest parts for […]

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Water Purification Systems

Benefits of Water Purification Systems In a world where there is very little trust, water purification becomes a very important issue. Because there’s such potential for contaminants in our daily water supplies, we need to be extra vigilant when it comes to purifying it. This is where water purifications come in. They act to protect […]

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Water Purification

Basics of Water Purification We all know that water purification is the process by which unwanted chemicals, additives and other elements are removed from water. Most purification is done to make water safe for drinking or human consumption, but there are other reasons to purify water. Standards for purified water are generally set by some […]

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