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20 Unusual Furniture Hacks


What do they call it when you take something and use it in a different way?  Some call it a “Hack”.  Here at LPC we love a good repurpose project or “upcycle” idea.  Whatever you choose to call it, here are some really “out of the box” ideas.  This frig/cooler might be kind of  oversized, […]

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DIY: Ice Tires for Mountain Bike


Today’s DIY was created by someone with WAY too much time on his hands…but we’re happy he decided to share his solution! What do you think? Is his solution practical? Would you be willing to put the time in to make this for yourself? Under what conditions would you see yourself needing to hit the […]

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DIY: Container Pond in Stock Tank


Pam Penick provides today’s DIY. Her photo images are beautiful & make me wanna leave the big city to create a stock pond right now! ***A side note: I went online to look for a similar circular steel container but they seem to be hard to find. If you have one or can recommend a […]

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DIY: Easy-Peezy Fire Starter


Today’s DIY is super easy. Here’s the thing…for you guys out there, unless you wanna head to the market to buy cotton face pads, I recommend you snag some from the wife or daughter’s stash…..but don’t say that I didn’t warn you about damage control! Your alibi? “I was being resourceful & simulating a MacGyver […]

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