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Is the Generic Sport Berkey an Authentic Berkey Product?


Ever wonder about why we use the term “generic” with the blue Sport Berkey water filtration bottles that we sell? If you have, you’re not the only one. With increasing interest in water filtration and purification, we have noticed more people are asking if the Generic Sport Berkey is an authentic Berkey product. Here’s the […]

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Featured Post: A Review of the British Berkefeld Water Filtration System

This article appeared on The Survivalist Blog and we are happy to have another satisfied customer. Jason in Virginia wrote this article.  I recently purchased and received a British Berkefeld Water FIltration System, and here is a general run down on my thoughts and experiences with it thus far. Pre-Purchase and Purchase I did quite […]

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Mountain House Educates Consumers on the Presence of High Oxygen Content in Competitor’s Products

As so many consumers are concerned about doomsday befalling the world in December 2012, a seemingly equal amount of companies which supply “preparedness products” are intent on exploiting those fears, rational or not. To those kinds of companies, profits from fear-marketing are justified. We encourage individuals and families to become more self-reliant and prepared for […]

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The Skinny on Gluten

What is gluten and what should you know about it? In the modern world information is literally a few keystrokes away, it seems easy enough to be in the know on any subject, but sometimes there’s too much to digest (pun intended). The information superhighway can be overloaded with conflicting opinions as well, but there […]

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Looking Beyond Ourselves

How many times have you ever felt burnt-out, spent, or unproductive? Although you are working and working, accomplishing priorities and achieving your goals little by little, you might feel as though you are in a rut. Although success is often perceived as the end-result of a continual applied effort, success is present every step of […]

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Video: Shocking Water Filter Review & Comparison

Do you own any of these systems? If you own anything other than a Berkey system, it might be featured here in this video by LDSPrepper. He has over 150 videos and has tons of subscribers on his YouTube channel. If you get a chance, visit his channel and subscribe to it. We recently heard […]

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Featured: DIY Soapmaking – How to Make Cold Process Soap

I have always had my reservations about lye. I think that it stems from the fact that as a young boy I heard more than a few instances of how lye killed someone or an animal from that person or pet from ingestion/direct contact. That has always stuck with me. The actual ingredient is sodium […]

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Did You Know…

We wish you a happy & safe July4th! Since we are all celebrating the United States’ Independence Day, we thought it would be fitting to feature the following article which touches on little known facts about the holiday that offers many employees a coveted day-off. The following article originally appeared on our National Archives website: […]

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