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How to Properly Sharpen Your Axe

Growing up in the city in Southern California, if we wanted to buy firewood for a bonfire on the beach or to burn in my aunt’s fireplace, we’d go to the store and buy. None of this “chop my own wood” business. The first time I hefted an axe and tried my hand at cityslicker […]

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Hax: Netflix Hidden Categories!

If you’re old enough to legally drive a car or a Super Kart, then you already know a few secrets like: In-N-Out’s secret menu (LOL) Disneyland’s hidden Mickeys and secrets Chic-Fil-A’s secret menu I came across another cool secret feature that’s not-so-secret anymore. BUT, it’ll enhance your experience with using Netflix.  

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Become a Stain Removal Guru!

I have a particular friend that I met years ago. I’m taller than him. I’m 6’3″. He’s 5′, if he’s lucky. His name is Fermín. What he lacks in height, he makes up in character and HILARITY. To this day, especially in an intimate small group setting, he talks about the time he worked as […]

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37 Deep Cleaning Tips

Save This List for Spring Cleaning!

With the cold spell making us long for springtime, you might wanna bookmark this blog post…37 Deep Cleaning Tips Every Obsessive Clean Freak Should Know. Now, contrary to that article’s title, deep cleaning isn’t limited to “obsessive clean freaks” and it’s definitely not limited to the spring time. For example: Ever considered using citrus fruits to […]

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72 hour kit

What to put in a 72 Hour Kit

Preparing a 72 Kit In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, often it takes two or three days before assistance comes. If you have prepared a 72 hour kit for you and each of your family members, it can be the difference between surviving comfortably and putting yourself in a dire situation. I found on […]

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DIY Kid Wash

DIY: Kid Wash Water Activity

With summer comes the potential for kids & parents alike to get stir-crazy…so here’s a fun project that will keep the munchkins entertained, especially if they can play with WATER! Now, be sure it’s not too hot outside. Just because they’ll be playing in water, sunburns come easy & adequate hydration is always important. Click […]

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FREE Download: The Preparedness Review, Spring 2013

Todd Sepulveda (creator or Prepper Website) invited both Jeff & I to provide articles for The Preparedness Review, and we happily accepted. Jeff’s article is titled Don’t Waste Your Time…There’s Prepping to Do, and David’s article is titled Are You Knot Ready? Here are excerpts from both: I’m convinced that time management skills are what […]

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