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Algae Bloom

Official Berkey Response to Toledo Ohio Algae Bloom


ALGAE BLOOM – FAQ             Below is some information that might be helpful, with respect to the recent Algae Bloom and resulting contamination of the water supply to Toledo, Ohio: “…Cyanobacterial cells range in size from 0.5-1 μm to 40 μm in diameter…” In other words, it’s a long skinny […]

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black berkey primer

Introducing: The Black Berkey Primer

You’re going to want this New Black Berkey Primer I have waited over a year to tell all of you about this amazing new device that is NOW available! Many of you have asked us this question, how do I prime my Black Berkey Elements if I do not have water pressure from a faucet? […]

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Cleaning the Waters of Information

Recently, I read an article on a blogger’s site that mentioned the Berkey® Water Purification and Seychelle® filtration systems, as well as another filtration system. Some points in that article that need clarification, especially since such generalities as stated in that article are lacking in reason and practicality. It is vital for individuals to offer […]

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The Survival Podcast interviews The Berkey Guy

The Survival Podcast interviews The Berkey Guy

Jack Spirko interviewed our very own Jeff “The Berkey Guy” Gleason this week on The Survival Podcast (TSP). The interview covered the subject of drinking water (big surprise?) including the issue of fluoride in your drinking water and a reference to The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson. We urge you to take a read of […]

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Floridians Still Dealing with Toxic Algae

Apparently, clean drinking water is not as readily available as many assume. You know, we regularly receive orders and phone calls from Florida residents because their water is less than desirable. The image to the left is an example of toxic algae that was found in the water at the Iron Gate Reservoir, about 5 […]

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Welcome to The Berkey Guy’s Blog!

I’d like to extend a cordial welcome to you! We look forward to providing you with great information to help you on your way to achieving greater self-reliance and peace. Please subscribe to our RSS feed and you will automatically receive updates as we make content available here. By subscribing, you will also receive a […]

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Experience the Berkey Difference The business of water filtration offers plenty of opportunity for experimentation. Every company has a system, it seems, and every system has a new approach to filtering water. Determining which system has the best water filtration properties can be an uphill climb, of course. Berkey offers something unique in that it […]

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Berkey Water Filters

Purchasing Berkey Water Filters The founders of Berkey’s water filtration system stand behind their product, that’s for sure. They even use Berkey water filters on a daily basis and reap the rewards of such a remarkable product. So how do you buy these filters and get the Berkey difference in your water supply? Simple. Head […]

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