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Our friend Katie at recently shared her experience with her Royal Berkey Water Purification system in her home. It is always great to see people enjoying clean water with their families. Below are some of the pictures that she featured on that blog post and a small excerpt from it. Click on the images to visit her site to read the post in its entirety.

“Beyond feeling really, really good about the clean water, my absolute favorite part is that my kids can now serve themselves water. It’s awesome to have one more thing in the kitchen that’s easy for them to do, since we’re really working on increasing responsibility around here.

It does need to be filled, but I’ve figured out some strategies for that:

  1. It’s usually the 6yo’s job, with a 1/2 gallon plastic pitcher and a chair. He loves doing it. Here’s hoping that enthusiasm doesn’t wear off any time soon.
  2. When I realize I forgot to ask Paul to fill the Berkey, I just run the water into the pitcher while putting away dishes or something, then pour it in.”

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