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Mountain House Educates Consumers on the Presence of High Oxygen Content in Competitor’s Products


As so many consumers are concerned about doomsday befalling the world in December 2012, a seemingly equal amount of companies which supply “preparedness products” are intent on exploiting those fears, rational or not. To those kinds of companies, profits from fear-marketing are justified. We encourage individuals and families to become more self-reliant and prepared for […]

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Looking Beyond Ourselves

How many times have you ever felt burnt-out, spent, or unproductive? Although you are working and working, accomplishing priorities and achieving your goals little by little, you might feel as though you are in a rut. Although success is often perceived as the end-result of a continual applied effort, success is present every step of […]

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Video: Shocking Water Filter Review & Comparison

Do you own any of these systems? If you own anything other than a Berkey system, it might be featured here in this video by LDSPrepper. He has over 150 videos and has tons of subscribers on his YouTube channel. If you get a chance, visit his channel and subscribe to it. We recently heard […]

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Youtube of The Blade Show, ATL, GA: Sootch00 and The Berkey Guy

Sootch00 is a long-time friend of LPC Survival, Ltd. and Jeff “The Berkey Guy” Gleason. We are happy that Sootch00 and Jeff were finally able to meet in person at the recent Blade Show in Atlanta, GA. In the video, Jeff explains some of the products he had available at the show as well as […]

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Sootch00’s Youtube Video on Blade Show 2012: Atlanta, GA

I recently returned from the Blade Show in Atlanta Georgia and had a blast! I got a chance to meet the one and only Sootch00, after being friends with him for two years! I make a cameo appearance at about 4:58 mark on the video before. Also at the show were my good friends Dr. […]

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Featured Post: Mosquito-Borne Illness

The following post is reposted here with permission from our good friends Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy. Enjoy!: Hey Prepper Nation, Unlike the stings of bees or wasps, mosquito bites are common vectors of various infectious diseases.  On the plus side, anaphylactic reactions are rarely an issue here.  The increased amount of time we will […]

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CERT: Search & Rescue (SAR) Part 2b/3: Physical Search

CERT: Search & Rescue (SAR) Part 2b/3: Physical Search

Search & Rescue (SAR) Part 2b/3: Physical Search   Now that you’ve created the checklist, complete with initial assessments, plans, and resources, you are ready to begin the Search aspect of SAR.   It will be imperative to recall that Search can be broken down into two processes:   Search techniques adapted to the scene […]

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CERT: Search & Rescue (SAR) Part 2a/3: Physical Search

Search & Rescue Size-up Checklist Gather Facts The following are common questions that many CERT field handbooks suggest as you consider your SAR deployment: How will the time of day/day of the week/weather affect your SAR efforts? Do you know the type of structure(s) you are dealing with & their construction? Determine if the structures […]

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CERT Training: Search & Rescue (SAR) Intro Part 1/3

This week’s CERT training gave me some experience in the fundamentals of Search-And-Rescue or SAR. In learning the fundamentals of searching for the victims of a disastrous or catastrophic event, the principle of personal safety first must be exercised! Personal safety is an on-going process, not a static event. Such considerations must be implemented before, […]

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