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DIY Compost Barrels


Compost barrels are an excellent way to produce your own compost for your garden and yard. After reviewing dozens of designs, instructions, and videos, this video from Homesteadonomics is my favorite. It’s super easy to build, minimal parts list, no intensive labor, and a leaves you with a good looking composting tumbler. For this project […]

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Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer Now that Spring is around the corner and the Earth is waking up from it’s winter slumber, it is time to start preparing to plant your garden. Hopefully, you have some seedlings started with the help of these handy tips and tricks but the soil needs to be prepared as well. What should […]

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DIY: Basic Cheese from 1 Gallon of Milk

1,2,3, CHEESE! Now, I’m a big fan of many cheeses, especially extra sharp cheddar. I haven’t had the nerve to try making my own cheese but this recipe from a PhD sort of gives me mixed messages: Is it, or is it not, easy to make cheese? Judging from the simplicity & brevity of the […]

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DIY Greenhouse

DIY: Greenhouse

This DIY won’t build itself…at least in cold weather, but we like it and want you to check it out…for when things get warmer. Go check out more of ThinMan’s blog & I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of the small barn that he made! In case you missed the PVC Seed Planter that […]

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