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Beekeeper Tips for Rookies


Doesn’t the idea of becoming a beekeeper, gathering your own backyard honey for your family sound like a responsible self reliance skill to master? I have to admit in theory it sounds like the right thing to do for my family. In reality however, I am not sure I’m ready to take on a swarming […]

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Preserving Eggs

Preserving Eggs With No Refrigeration

Preserving Eggs – No Refrigeration Required Do you remember the joy of finding Easter Eggs when you were young? Have you ever had the “joy” of finding an Easter Egg several months after Easter has passed? It has such a strong and distinctive smell that as soon as someone says, “It smells like rotten eggs”, […]

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Drawing Salve

DIY – Drawing Salve

DIY-Drawing Salve: Do you have slivers? Not anymore! If you’re like most people, you probably have at one time or another gotten a splinter that has been difficult to get out. Either it is really deep and hard to get to or the victim is a small child and they are wiggly and getting them […]

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Lavender Essential Oils DIY

  How to Make Lavender Essential Oils at home   Have you ever used Lavender oil before? It’s pretty good stuff for a host of ailments and has great medicinal value.  There is a growing trend not just with those who are interested in the homestead or self-reliance lifestyle with the use of essential oils. […]

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